Research & Conservation

Ancora divers dive with purpose. While some might see the shoreline as a natural barrier, we understand the sea to be a unifying force; a boundless container of discovery and wonder. Our divers respect the sea as both a refuge and a natural ally. As such, defending it is our top priority. Beyond the environmental training which forms a core element of Ancora’s PADI-based curriculum, our team also contributes to a variety of research projects and conservation initiatives around the world.

We have partnered with agencies and organizations we know we can trust in order to maximize our collective potential and bring about positive change. From documenting coral regeneration efforts in the Caribbean to monitoring the reproductive patterns of threatened shark species in the Maldives, our divers have lent their skills and expertise to preserving the natural world. They have also, though, taken a healthy interest in the emerging field of maritime archaeology and the preservation of submarine cultural heritage. At various points, for example, Ancora divers have been involved in the excavation of submerged Roman cities off the Neapolitan coast and the positive identification of freshwater shipwrecks dating back to the American Revolution.

Our commitment to aiding, and in some cases leading, such research and conservation projects is a cornerstone of the overall Ancora program. We look to generate thoughtful, informed dialogue between divers and non-divers alike in order to improve the health of our oceans and increase the level of understanding related to their value and potential. We do this not only for our own satisfaction and wellbeing, but for that of future generations as well.