Ancora Scuba was founded in the summer of 2014 as an international dive team. Originally intended as an expedition group, our divers quickly realized that too many people around the globe were being introduced to the underwater world in the all the wrong ways, and sought a transnational alternative to the increasingly stale norms of what some people refer to as the ‘dive industry.’ Ancora now offers a full range of PADI-endorsed scuba certification courses and regularly organizes recreational dive expeditions, all of which are open to the public. Being nomads, we have no brick and mortar home base. Instead, we offer bespoke training sessions and fully customizable dive experiences beyond our regularly scheduled weekly courses and quarterly expeditions.

Our instructors, expedition leaders, and divemasters are a truly eclectic crew. Many continue their lives as marine conservationists, environmental scientists, maritime historians, novelists, musicians, and students of all types while remaining committed to advancing Ancora’s mission to expose divers new and old to our own brand of diving and discovery. Ancora divers are fueled by the belief that alternatives are everywhere– We live deliberately, refuse to settle for the ordinary, and are in constant search for new ways to embrace uncommon experiences in order to someday share them with those willing to explore alongside us. We acknowledge no borders, no boundaries, only depth limits and a bit of atmospheric pressure.



We’ve Made A Few Friends

“Not sure I’d dive with anybody other than Ancora ever again. The positive energy and happy faces made my Advanced Open Water course fly by. I can’t wait to come back!”

– Carrie from Seattle

“The staff is funny and welcoming. They also turned me on to a ton of great new bands and artists. Way more than I expected from a scuba company– I didn’t even dive this trip!”

– Lucia from Rome

“They’re travel agents, they’re tour guides, they’re expert divers. I can’t wait to get home and tell everybody in Colorado about these guys.”

– Steve from Denver